Hardwood Flooring

Oak Flooring>

Many clients select Oak as their hardwood
flooring because of its durability and tradition as a flooring wood. The colour tends to be a warm honey colour that darkens with age, depending on your choice of finish.

Ash Flooring>

Ash is a popular flooring wood, particularly
in a contemporary house. Its colour is generally white, or at least light in colour. It is a superb wood
for using in a dark room or bedroom where the aim
is to bring a light, clean feel to the room.

Elm Flooring>

English Elm was once widely used in homes, particularly in halls and staircases as, like oak, it is hardwearing. The colour is a darker, richer brown.

Cherry Flooring>

Often a floor choice suited to a room with less traffic, it is an attractive wood, with colours of light honey and green mineral.

Sweet Chestnut Flooring>

Sweet Chestnut has a lovely warm colour to it. Light tones and a distinct grain pattern, dark streaks
and knots.