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the history

With a business heritage stretching back over 20 years Ben has decided to further develop and grow his business.

He has extended the product range to include engineered flooring and opened a joinery workshop to offer a bespoke service to his customers and can now tailor the products to the clients requirements. Beautiful hardwood floors, kitchen worktops, ledge and brace doors and staircases are just part of the range now available as finished products.

Ben Sutton (Timber) Ltd continues to supply furniture and joinery grade, sawn English and European hardwoods, as well as constructional fresh sawn oak beams. Great pride is taken on the quality of the wood supplied and the importance of exceptional customer service is key. With Ben’s extensive knowledge of the timber trade and a conscientious team in support, the focus is squarely on giving the customer exactly what he wants.

Personally selecting and purchasing the logs, overseeing milling, kiln drying and end sale Ben is able to be completely confident in the quality of his product and offer a fair and competitive price.

He is proud to have supplied sawmills and joinery companies for many large projects including York Minster, The Globe Theatre and the Royal Festival Hall and more recently an incredible solid Elm floor for the library at Rochester Cathedral.

Timber supplied by Hardwood Specialists Timber produced at our Hardwood Sawmills Hardwood Sawmills, Hardwood Specialists
Timber supplied by Hardwood Specialists Timber produced at our Hardwood Sawmills
the environment

Ben’s background is in conservation and he approachs his trade with care.

"We believe that conservation is not just a label but also a lifestyle choice that we choose to adopt"

The hardwood forests of Britain and much of Europe have been managed and altered by mankind for centuries. The privately managed woodlands of Britain and Europe are fantastic nature reserves. Within our business we make decisions to help support the Estates’ foresters to work and protect these sites.

For example: trees are felled during the winter when the sap in the tree is down. Extracting heavy logs with large machines over wet winter ground damages the fragile soil structure of the forest floor.

To overcome this problem we purchase all our round logs one year ahead of when we need them, and ask for the logs to be extracted from the forest when the ground is either frozen or after the end of the breeding season in the summer.

Hardwood Specialists

Putting something back

Our business cuts approximately 2000 trees annually. However, over the last twenty years we have planted 54,000 trees. This signifies a 14,000 increase in the number of trees in our forests. We are currently measuring and calculating how much carbon a year we emit as a result of sawmilling, kilning, haulage and general business activity; And we are also calculating how many tons of carbon a year the trees we have planted over the years absorb. The results are due soon.

During our working life we have worked alongside the foresters to preserve Europe’s forest habitats and ensure sustainability.