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solid wood flooring
Solid Wood Flooring

A solid hardwood floor, rich in colour and texture, can compliment most homes. Choose from our range of beautiful, native hardwoods depending on the natural colours you prefer.

engineered oak flooring office
Engineered Flooring

Our engineered flooring is available in a range of English species. The emphasis is to supply beautiful flooring of absolute stability for any room or workspace even when fitted over underfloor heating.

structural oak
Structural Oak

Structural or Green Oak has been part of our building industry for centuries. Renowned for its great strength and durability it is the natural choice for timber framed buildings.


We buy the best quality joinery oak logs from sustainable private forests in Britain and Europe. Our timber is air dried for a year for each inch of thickness cut, and then supplied as air dried or kiln dried as required.


Timber cladding is natural, durable and stable and there are several suitable species. We stock oak, ash, elm and sweet chestnut hardwoods and also softwoods such as larch, douglas fir and cedar. Supplied as a finished product for both internal and external cladding. We produce feather edged and natural edged cladding or a profile to suit.


For a kitchen that is functional and stylish consider solid hardwoods such as oak ash or elm for worktops and cabinetry. Evoking warmth and beauty a solid wood kitchen simply cannot be surpassed. Built to last, these kitchens will give pleasure and service for many years to come.

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