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Solid Cherry Flooring

Our cherry logs come from the Chilterns, where they grow amongst the beech trees

Cherry Solid Wood Flooring

Solid cherry flooring is an attractive timber with colours of light honey and a mineral green.  Our beautiful wild cherry trees grow tall and straight which in turn produces fabulous wide boards.  The grain is delicate with few knots and the boards appear silky and smooth.  All our cherry wood for flooring is sustainably sourced in the UK.   It is worth considering cherry solid wood flooring for an upstairs room or bedroom where the colours evoke a feeling of warmth.

close up cherry bark trunk
clean sawn solid cherry board
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Cherry Solid Hardwood Flooring Prices

Cherry often has many colours within it; light honey and green streaks for example. The stability and colour make cherry a great alternative to oak or elm.


We specialise in wide-board floors and can tailor to your own specific requirements. We can also cater for underfloor heating by kilning to 6%..

Board Width Thickness Board Length Price from m2 *
130mm+ 22mm 2.4m – 3m £42.00 + VAT

*Prices subject to volume, please call for a quote

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