Unfinished Solid Wood Flooring

A solid wood floor, rich in colour and texture, compliments any home. Choose from our range of beautiful, native hardwoods depending on the natural colours you prefer.

solid oak flooring

Solid Oak Flooring

Many clients select oak flooring for their solid wood flooring because of its durability and tradition as a flooring wood. Oak tends to be a warm honey colour and dependant on finish gradually darkens slightly with with age. A good choice in any room but popular for living rooms.

solid ash floor kitchen

Solid Ash Flooring

Ash is a popular solid wooden flooring, particularly in a contemporary setting. It’s colour is generally white, or at least light in colour. It is a superb wood for using in a dark room or bedroom where the aim is to bring a light and bright feel to the space. Favoured by interior designers for a lighter hardwood floor.

Solid Elm Flooring

Solid Elm Flooring

English elm was once widely used in homes, particularly in halls and staircases as, like oak, it is very hardwearing. Elm solid wood flooring provides a floor, full of characterful knots and swirls around the grain. It has beautiful dark golden tones.

solid cherry 1/2" boards in stick

Solid Cherry Flooring

Our Cherry logs come from the Chilterns where they grow amongst the beech trees. Opt for cherry for your real wood flooring to bring beauty and opulence to your room.

Sycamore flooring

Solid Sycamore Flooring

Sycamore is creamy white in colour with a stunning fine silky grain appearing almost translucent. It is the palest of our solid wood flooring range.

Chestnut flooring

Solid Chestnut Flooring

Solid chestnut flooring is pale and creamy in colour with fabulous contrasting darker brown mineral streaks. It has an open grain which swirls along the boards.

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