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Solid Sycamore Flooring

For a fine, creamy white contemporary floor, choose sycamore.

Sycamore Solid Wood Flooring

With beautiful straight grain and smooth, clean lines solid sycamore flooring is the palest of all our wood flooring range. It has a natural translucent appearance.   Treasured for its delicate lustred colouring and fine silky grain, the timber is hard and strong.  Creamy white in colour, when cut it offers a beautiful shimmering finish.  We hold stocks of both English Sycamore and European Sycamore flooring.

Similar in appearance to it’s close relation maple, sycamore takes stains and finishes extremely well. A popular choice if looking for a colour match for a bespoke design.
Sycamore solid wood flooring produces the palest wood of all our floors.  It is perfect for rooms with little natural light such as hallways.  It gives a clean, contemporary look.
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Sycamore Solid Hardwood Flooring Prices

Hardwearing floor with occasional knots and dark mineral streaks. Creamy white with a darker biscuit colour.

Board Width Thickness Board Length Price from m2 *
130mm – 150mm 22mm 2.4m – 3m £42.00 + VAT
*Prices subject to volume, please call for a quote

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