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Structural Oak

Sutton Timber’s wood has been used in many large building projects over the last 25 years…
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Structural Oak

Structural or Green Oak has been part of our building industry for centuries. Renowned for its great strength and durability it is the natural choice for timber framed buildings.

Green Oak retains more moisture so is easier to cut joints and shape than air dried Oak. Once constructed, an Oak timber frame will dry out naturally and shrink. This causes the joints to tighten to create a structurally sound frame. Oak dowels are used to hold the joints, and the posts and beams shrink and tighten around them. All of our fresh sawn Oak beams can be cut to suit your specific requirements.

Air Dried

We also supply 3-5 year air dried structural grade Oak beam to contractors, joinery companies, historic buildings and private clients throughout the UK. Seasoned outdoors the timber dries naturally reducing tension in the wood. This results in less movement, less shrinkage and greater stability. During the 3-5 year period a natural aged appearance, with characterful cracks and hairline splits develops. Air dried Oak matures into a beautiful silvery grey. This very environmentally friendly produced timber is perfect for restoration and renovation of Oak framed buildings. We provide beams in a range of lengths and thicknesses and deliver countrywide.

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Joinery Oak

Our thick section joinery Oak is now over 6 years old and is of absolutely superb quality. Much of it is has been used in major architectural projects within Great Britain. We have supplied timber for many large scale building projects including York Minster, the Globe Theatre, Windsor Castle, the Houses of Parliament and the Royal Festival Hall. It is interesting and enjoyable for us to be involved behind the scenes in the restoration of these fabulous historical buildings.


Dependable, authentic, sustainable and strong, oak framing adds beauty and character to any home.

Oak framed construction is a traditional craft that still remains popular today. From porches, conservatories and cart lodges to complete buildings, oak framing offers huge potential.

Revered by architects and engineers not only for its strength and architectural beauty but for the variety of bespoke design options available when using it. Combined with modern materials for a contemporary look or used in the more traditional way, it offers huge potential.

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