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Timber Cladding

An attractive, environmentally friendly addition to any structure from a fabulous barn conversion to the humble shed.
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Timber cladding is natural, durable and stable and there are several suitable species. We supply hardwood species like oak, elm and sweet chestnut but also softwood such as larch, douglas fir and cedar.


Also named weatherboarding, cladding is an attractive and environmentally friendly option for any structure. From a fabulous barn conversion to the humble shed. An excellent insulator, wood cladding also offers cool temperatures during summer and warmth during winter.


The structural strength of oak combined with its beautiful grain add a stunning finish to any building. It weathers slowly and will gradually turn silver/grey. We offer fresh sawn or air dried oak cladding which can be either feather edged or waney edged. The most popular feather edge, is ex 38mm cut to 28/8mm. Our most popular waney edged is 15mm which sits more snugly on a building as exterior cladding. Usual widths are 150mm or 200mm, but all specifications can be tailored to the clients preference.


Waney edged simply means one side of the board retains its natural edge and this gives a rustic feel to the building. This type of cladding is a more traditional style and is used for projects such as outbuildings or cart lodges.

Olive ash cladding seen here creates a rustic and contemporary sitting room


Feather edge gives a more formal look to a building.  Boards are supplied with a straight edge and have been cut at an angle.  This  allows the seamless overlapping in construction.


These species are not only chosen for their durability but also because they are very hard wearing and provide a natural protection against the elements. Sustainably sourced from UK woodlands they are all less expensive than oak.


A homegrown softwood, the heartwood is a reddish-brown colour with a contrasting much lighter sapwood.  It has distinctive growth rings giving the timber much character.

feather edged oak cladding
External oak cladding on outbuildings will turn a beautiful silvery grey with age.


Larch is a very slow growing dense timber and therefore has exceptionally high durability for a softwood.  The colour can vary from a pale cream to dark brown.


Cedar is a softwood but again slow growing making it very strong.  With a very long life span it produces long lengths of straight grained timber.  It is extremely easy to use and is surprisingly lightweight so a popular choice.  If left untreated Cedar gradually weathers to a beautiful silver grey.


There is a growing in interest, particularly with architects and designers choosing internal wall cladding for their clients. It is being used in interesting and contemporary ways, from cladding an entire room, to a feature wall or piece of wall art.  It is a beautiful and natural way to add interest to your home.

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