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Hardwood Log Trade Prices

English & European Oak Prices

Oak tends to be a warm honey colour that darkens with age, depending on your choice of finish.

ThicknessGrade (KD = Kiln Dried – AD = Air Dried)Log DiameterPrice from*
15mmWaney Edged Character Oak KD40-50cm£22.50 – £40.00 cft
18mmWaney Edged Character Oak KD40-50cm£25.00 – £40.00 cft
27mmWaney Edged Character Oak KD40-50cm£20.00 – £40.00 cft
27mmSquare Edged Character Oak KD50cm+£30.00 – £45.00 cft
27mmSquare Edged Rustic Oak KD50cm+£25.00 – £35.00 cft
27mmWaney Edged First Quality Oak KD40-60cm£25.00 – £45.00 cft
27mmWaney Edged Light Pippy Oak KD50-60cm£30.00 – £40.00 cft
27mmWaney Edged Heavy Pippy Oak KD50-60cm£35.00 – £75.00 cft

English & European Elm Prices

Elm ranges from dark purple to light green, with various hues of silver and brown in between grain that swirls and flows around small knots and pips.

ThicknessGradePrice from*
27mmWaney Edged First Quality Elm KD£35.00 – £60.00 cft
27mmWaney Edged Character Elm KD£35.00 – £50.00 cft
27mmWaney Edged Pippy Elm KD£45.00 – £75.00 cft
41mmWaney Edged First Quality Elm KD£40.00 – £60.00 cft
54mmWaney Edged First Quality Elm KD£40.00 – £60.00 cft
80mmWaney Edged First Quality Elm KD£45.00 – £75.00 cft

English & European Ash Prices

It’s colour is from white to biscuit with a strong grain.

ThicknessGradePrice from*
27mmWaney Edged Ash KD£15.00 – £30.00 cft
41mmWaney Edged Ash KD£18.00 – £35.00 cft
54mmWaney Edged Ash KD£18.00 – £35.00 cft
80mmWaney Edged Ash KD£20.00 – £35.00 cft
100mmOne Square Edged Ash KD£25.00 – £40.00 cft

English & European Sweet Chestnut Prices

Light tones and a distinct grain pattern, occasional with dark streaks and knots.

ThicknessGradePrice from*
27mmWaney Edged Sweet Chestnut KD£22.00 – £35.00 cft
34mmWaney Edged Sweet Chestnut KD£25.00 – £35.00 cft
41mmWaney Edged Sweet Chestnut KD£25.00 – £35.00 cft
54mmWaney Edged Sweet Chestnut KD£28.00 – £40.00 cft

English Cherry Prices

Cherry often has many colours within it; light honey and green streaks for example. The colour makes cherry a great alternative to oak or elm.

ThicknessGradePrice from*
27mmWaney Edged Cherry KD  Special Offer £12.50    pack price
41mmWaney Edged Cherry KD£25.00 – £35.00 cft
54mmWaney Edged Cherry KD£28.00 – £40.00 cft
80mmWaney Edged Cherry KD£35.00 – £50.00 cft

English Walnut Prices

This wood contains a mix of clear and figured wood with swirling grain. There are also some knots and character marks. Overall colour of the wood varies from medium brown to dark chocolate brown.

ThicknessGradePrice from*
27mmWaney Edged Walnut KD£ POA

English Sycamore Prices

A white wood with a moving grain, very mild, very stable. Often used as a fruit wood substitute. Takes paint very well so it’s ideal for kitchens.

ThicknessGradePrice from*
15mmOne Square Edged KD£18.00 – £35.00 cft
27mmOne Square Edged KD£15.00 – £35.00 cft
41mmWaney Edged KD£18.00 – £35.00 cft
54mmWaney Edged KD£20.00 – £35.00 cft
80mmWaney Edged KD   POA
100mmWaney Edged KDPOA

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