Fabulous English Oak Seven Bay Cart Lodge

English Oak has been used for centuries in building and construction.  Some original oak beams continue to support structures over 500 years old.  This fabulous seven bay cart lodge constructed using green oak is inspired by a neighbouring original cart lodge design.


‘There is an old cart lodge not far from me that I liked the proportions of. I surveyed it and had plans drawn up using the measurements. I built the frame with a couple of friends over a six week period then finished it off with the help of two other builder friends.’

The valley timbers caused some head scratching as we had the pitch slightly wrong on the intersecting ‘dormers’. We corrected the pitch with tapered fillets then all became clear.  We spent six weeks making the components for the frame then, with the help of a neighbouring farmer and his tele-handler, we put it up in four hours!’

I think you’d agree it really is a stunning building and a tribute to all involved.  The durability of oak  provides a long lasting structure. As the oak frame ages and weathers overtime, it develops a striking silver patina.

Our client also sent this brilliant Youtube video about the project which we share with you.  It makes a very fascinating watch.

It is true that English oak stocks have declined over the centuries however, there continues to be a healthy supply of logs from private estates and forestry owners.  The emphasis today is on sustainable forestry and estate owners currently manage woodlands to replace and revitalise their woodlands. Aside from the stunning aesthetic attributes that green oak offers, it also presents a great option for those looking to responsibly source materials for their building projects.

Green oak is considered to be carbon neutral.  As the oak grows, it absorbs  CO2, and when used as a building material it traps the carbon, preventing it being released it back into the environment. Structural green oak, when cut has a high moisture content and therefore is more easy to cut joints and shape than air dried oak. Once constructed, an oak timber frame naturally dries and shrinks. Oak dowels hold the joints,  and the oak beams and posts shrink and tighten around them. The tightening joints thus result in a structurally sound frame. Our fresh sawn oak beams are cut to suit your specific requirements. Oak sleepers also available for garden projects.

We also supply 3-5 year structural grade air dried oak beams to contractors, joinery companies and private clients throughout the UK. Seasoned outdoors the timber dries naturally, reducing tension in the wood. This results in less movement, less shrinkage and greater stability.

At Sutton Timber we wholly support the responsible management of our woodlands and source our timber from sustainable forests.    A felling license,  granted by the Forestry Authority, is proof of where trees have been felled.  It also states ownership and proves the legality of felling in an environmentally friendly manner.