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Solid Sweet Chestnut Flooring

Chestnut is of the same family as oak. This renders the wood very durable, meaning it is excellent for both natural outdoor use and flooring.
  • avenue of sweet chestnut trees

Chestnut Solid Wood Flooring

The grain of solid sweet chestnut wood flooring is very decorative which swirls along the board.  One of our most beautiful native trees, the timber is extremely stable. The grain may be straight but is more commonly spiral particularly in timber from older trees.

Decorative Timber

The sapwood  is narrow, and distinct from the heartwood which is a yellowish-brown in colour.  Boards display some darker brown mineral streaks which blend into the movement of the grain.  Sweet Chestnut solid wood flooring offers both contrast and warmth creating a beautiful and decorative floor.

cut sweet chestnut in stick in yard

Long Lengths

Sweet Chestnut is placed in stick and air dried at Sotterley Sawmills for a year prior to sale.  This allows the timber to dry naturally and mellow for greater stability.  Sweet Chestnut is known to be a very stable timber, resulting in less movement, distortion and splitting. We stock both English and European Sweet Chestnut in long lengths and a range of widths.

close up sweet chestnut grain

Tongue and Groove or Straight Edged

Seen here an example of the unfinished product exhibiting pinkish tones and decorative grain.  Boards are available tongue and grooved or straight edged to suit your bespoke flooring requirements. Supplied direct to you our Sweet Chestnut floorboards can be either finished or unfinished.

‘The Chestnut flooring is just beautiful. The sinuous ripples in the grain and interesting tiger striping make it a real talking point.’ 

Mrs Hughes – Kent

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Sweet Chestnut Solid Hardwood Flooring Prices

Light tones and a distinct grain pattern, dark streaks and knots. We specialise in wide-board floors and can tailor to your own specific requirements. We can also cater for underfloor heating by kilning to 6%.

First Quality Sweet Chestnut

Clean, light tones with a distinct grain pattern.

Board Width Thickness Board Length Price from m2 *
100mm – 250mm (standard) – other widths supplied dependant on availability of stock. 22mm 2.4m – 4m £68.00 + VAT

Character Sweet Chestnut

Dark streaks contrast with the lighter tones of First Quality. Knots and cracks on the face give an excellent alternative to Character Oak.

Board Width Thickness Board Length Price from m2 *
100mm – 250mm – (standard) – other widths supplied dependant on availability of stock.  22mm 2.4m – 4m £61.60 + VAT

*Prices subject to volume, please call for a quote

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