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Solid Oak Flooring

A solid hardwood floor rich in texture will compliment any home…

Solid Oak Flooring

Many clients select oak because of its durability and tradition as a flooring wood. The colour tends to be a warm honey colour that darkens with age, depending on your choice of finish.

Our first quality European oak flooring is sawn from our cleanest (i.e. most fault-free) logs; this yields a board with a straight grain and an even colour. A superb addition to any contemporary home or a modern touch in your period property.


We hold substantial stocks of oak in all ranges of thickness and quality in order to supply you with the perfect wood. Our floorboards start at 27mm and are planed on both sides to give a finished board between 20mm and 22mm.

oak flooring
Our English Oak flooring is sawn from an oak tree that grew within Great Britain; it has pippy characteristics over the board. The grain is not always straight and the colour of the boards can vary according to the mineral content of the soil where the tree grew.
Our character grade floor does what importers of French floors often cannot do – long and wide boards. Traditionally in Great Britain, we opt for a floor board that is at least eight foot long and 200mm wide. We can provide these specifications as a minimum to our clients.

No two floors are the same, this type of bespoke flooring is as individual as it gets.

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English and European Oak Solid Flooring Prices

A solid hardwood floor, rich in colour and texture, can complement most homes. Choose from our range of beautiful, native hardwoods depending on the natural colours you prefer. We specialise in wide-board floors and can tailor to your own specific requirements. We can also cater for underfloor heating by kilning to 6%.

First Quality Oak

Our first quality oak flooring is sawn from our cleanest, finest oak logs.

Board WidthThicknessBoard LengthPrice from m2 *
130mm – 350mm20mm2.4m – 5m£75.00 + VAT

Character Grade Oak

Our character grade oak flooring is the most popular choice. With long lengths an wide boards, character oak allows occasional small live knots and cats paws with variations in colour tones.

Board WidthThicknessBoard LengthPrice from m2 *
200mm – 350mm20mm2.4m – 4m£49.50 + VAT

Rustic Oak

A rugged oak ideal for barn conversions, farmhouses and cottages with larger knots and splits.

Board WidthThicknessBoard LengthPrice from m2 *
200mm – 350mm20mm2.4m – 4m£42.40 + VAT

Pippy Oak

Our Pippy Oak flooring is sawn exclusively from English Oak. The puppy characteristics and wildly varying movement are generally not found in European Oak.

Board WidthThicknessBoard LengthPrice from m2 *
130mm – 350mm20mm2.4m – 4m£65.00 + VAT
*Prices subject to volume, please call for a quote

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