Unfinished Solid Ash Wood Flooring

English and European

Ash solid wood flooring is a superb wood for using in a dark room or bedroom where the aim is to bring brightness into a space.

Solid Ash Flooring

Solid ash flooring is a very popular choice. It’s extremely durable with a beautiful grain and pale creamy tones. It seldom has any knots and can sometimes have a stunning contrasting darker grain running through the boards. A naturally hardwearing yet flexible timber with an inner strength and delicate pale figuring of the grain. A superb choice for a darker room where the aim is to lighten the space. Ash flooring is ideal where a more contemporary style is preferred creating a very clean, light and even toned floor.

Ash Trees

Fraxinus excelsior (‘excelsior’ meaning higher), is one of the tallest trees in our woodlands growing to over 35m. It is also one of our most ancient trees living up to 400 years old. Sustainably sourced throughout the UK and Europe our English ash flooring and European ash flooring yields boards in two tones, white or coloured. Coloured ash varies dependant on the age of the tree, soil type, and environment where the tree has grown.

table legs on solid ash floor

Narrow or Wide Ash Floorboards

Larger ash trees are often a light brown biscuity colour yielding wider boards. Wide ash flooring creates one of the most impressive wood floors and is ideally suited to larger, free-flowing open plan spaces. Smaller ash trees produce a narrower board generally around 100mm – 150mm for an equally stunning floor. Boards tend to be white with a lovely subtle open grain. All boards are available in narrow, wide and extra wide widths. The choice is yours wide, narrow or a combination of both. We produce the flooring in our on site in joinery shop to your bespoke requirements.

Solid ash flooring

Long Lengths

All our ash solid wood flooring is bespoke. Cut on site, our solid ash floor boards are made to the individual clients requirements. Long length ash flooring is available in boards typically up to 2 meters in length. When combined with shorter boards it creates a stunning floor in any room. We hold large stocks of English and European unfinished ash flooring ready and available for collection. Call to discuss the range of options available to you.

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Board Thickness / Width Board Length Price from m2*
22mm / 100mm – 250mm (standard)** 2.4m – 3m*** £60.00 + VAT

* prices subject to volume, please call for a quote
** other widths supplied dependent on availability of stock.

*** lengths subject to stock availability.

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