Engineered Hardwood Flooring Engineered Hardwood Flooring Engineered Hardwood Flooring

Sutton Timber now produce the very best engineered flooring from native UK hardwoods, sourced from sustainable UK forests.

Sutton Timber is proud to introduce our new range of engineered flooring. Although we can also produce engineered flooring from European hardwoods at competitive prices, the emphasis is to focus on our beautiful native species to create fabulous, unique flooring full of cats paws, wild grain and colour and still be assured of absolute stability even when fitted over underfloor heating.

Prime English Oak, clean, straight grained and defect free. The delicate, translucent colour of English Cherry makes an elegant choice. Stunning Scottish Elm. Surely the most attractive of all the native species. Pippy, Rustic or Character Oak. All unique, all individual, all sustainable.

Engineered Ash Flooring

Sadly our Ash trees are dying from a disease called Chalara Fraxinea. This wonderful resource must be utilised and embraced rather than wasted or shipped half way round the world only to be sent back as cheap furniture.

To make engineered flooring we take our solid board of 27mm and cut three sheets of 5.5mm veneer from it. Each 5.5mm veneer is glued to best quality 12mm or 15mm exterior birch ply to produce a floorboard that looks identical to solid but has had any tension removed therefore providing stability and reliability.

The result is a clean, modern product which, if you have selected our Rustic or Character grade, has had all knots and cracks filled, sanded and sealed. We can supply as unfinished boards or if you prefer, we can prefinish in a variety of colours and oils. The final product is very beautiful, quick and easy to lay with minimal disruption to your home.