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Engineered Oak Flooring

The natural warmth of English engineered oak is a hugely popular choice in our range.
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Oak Engineered Wood Flooring

Oak has always been the most popular choice for wood flooring, our engineered oak flooring range is no exception. We offer four different grades:-

First Quality

Our first quality English oak engineered flooring and our European oak engineered flooring comes from the very best trees available. Straight grained and defect free, first quality oak is the pinnacle of quality and refinement.

Engineered flooring

Seen here in an office environment oak engineered wood flooring is a good choice for any commercial premises.  Perfect over underfloor heating and easy to clean, it does not harbour the dust that carpeting does, creating a more allergen free environment for your staff.  

Warm golden hues are the colour of natural oak.  However, with engineered flooring many finishes are available. From smokey greys, vintage tones, to almost black, our engineered wood flooring can be supplied unfinished.   Allowing you to apply the stain of your choice in situ to match your decor.  

Pippy Oak

Pippy oak is a uniquely english grade. The trees are covered with epicormic growth. When the log is sawn the appearance on the board is as though a cat has stepped in ink and then walked all over the board, hence the term cats paw. The result is a truly unique and beautiful floor.

Character Oak

Character oak is the most popular grade of oak that we sell.  Occasional small live knots up to 30mm the overall appearance is a predominantly clean floor but with more swirling grain and more interest.

Rustic Oak

Rustic oak has larger more regular knots with hairline cracks on the face and occasional splits on the ends of the boards.  The knots and cracks are filled and sanded giving a silky smooth perfect finish, but it still retains its rugged beauty.

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