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Engineered Elm Flooring

Fabulous wild grain moving around cats paws with deep rich colours.
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Engineered Elm Flooring

Elm is a stunningly attractive timber with contrasting colours where the sap wood is a rich creamy white against a darker heartwood. Elm creates a floor that exudes character. In our opinion it is the most striking of all our native hardwoods. By overseeing the milling process Ben Sutton is able to assess the boards as they come off the saw. This enables us to grade the boards so we can provide the most visually beautiful timber for our flooring.

Wide elm boards seen here, create a characterful floor.  By using a wider board it not only emphasises the grain, but it also creates the illusion of width in a narrow space.
Engineered elm boards with creamy contrasting sapwood a real statement floor.


Sadly we lost practically all of our elm trees to Dutch elm disease in the late 60s and early 70s. It is a type of disease spread by a beetle which is known as a ‘vascular wilt’ because the fungus blocks the vascular (water transport) system, causing the branches to wilt and die. The result is that finding good quality logs for milling is becoming more difficult every year.

However there is a glimmer of hope and a point of note is that here in East Anglia there are significant groups of mature surviving smooth-leaved elm trees which are possibly resistant to the fungal disease.

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