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Want to install an elegant and long lasting floor?  Then there is simply nothing quite like the natural beauty of solid oak flooring to add richness and warmth to any room. This naturally occurring material combines its beautiful aesthetic qualities with easy maintenance It makes the perfect floor for your living room, dining room or bedroom. It will impress your guests, last for years to come, and add to the value of your property. So what more do you need to know? 

Environmental Factors

Over four fifths of the hardwood used in the UK is now taken from specially managed forests. In recent years the industry has taken environmental concerns on-board. It has worked towards creating a more sustainable model of production. Solid oak flooring is actually greener than many carpets and vinyl flooring types which are often made from fossil fuels and treated with dangerous chemicals. If fitted and cared for correctly, oak boards are one of the most durable forms of flooring, the environmental cost of replacement.

What Is The Best Finish For Solid Oak Flooring

When oak is initially machined into boards, a uniform colour throughout the batch is achieved with very little variance in shade. However, there are a number of different treatments available to give you the colour, tone and finish. Fuming and staining of the wood allows you to create any natural colour you desire. From a light, neutral hue through to a deep, distinguished, rich tone. Wire-brushing gives a high gloss finish, and if you’re looking for an authentic, aged look then you can have your boards specially distressed.

Check The Moisture

All wood expands and shrinks in accordance with the moisture available from its surrounding environment and solid oak flooring is no exception to this rule. When fitting boards to your existing joists, ensure that there’s a gap of around half an inch between all walls and flooring boards to allow for your flooring’s expansion. If fitting boards onto a concrete floor seal the concrete first to stop excess moisture spoiling your new wooden floor. It’s important to check that your room maintains a constant humidity. A specialist gauge checks the ambient moisture in the atmosphere before laying the floor.

Fitting Solid Wood Flooring

It is essential to prepare the sub floor to ensure it is suitable to lay. It is also important to acclimatise the flooring boards in the environment where they are laid. We always recommend a to arrange for a professional to do this. Lay boards using a lock together system (tongue and groove ) then secret nail or glue . Or fit straight onto bare floorboards or joists.


Once you’ve had you hardwood floor installed, you’ll find it can be quite easy to look after.  It’s always easier to prevent damage to the boards than to repair them. Rugs can be a great help in extending the lifespan of your floor. Place these in any high traffic areas to stop shoes scuffing the floor and under any pieces of large and heavy furniture. This prevents their feet from creating indentation marks and damage. With a bit of effort and love you can create a beautiful floor that will last a lifetime.

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