Sycamore Flooring Meets Victorian Property

Why should a Victorian property have to have a traditional interior?  A client selects sycamore as the choice of flooring for their loft conversion in Brighton.  Having searched locally for stockists of sycamore timber to no avail,  Jo Teasedale decided to Google ‘timber merchants sycamore’.  After making a few phone calls she found Sutton Timber.  Jo commented  ‘They were the only place we found that could supply sycamore flooring.  Adamant this was the wood we wanted,  it was a relief to find them!’

With space at a premium, this typical terraced house in Brighton needed more. The clients decided to extend by adding a loft conversion to include a media room, study, storage area and shower room.  Solid sycamore flooring is laid throughout the area creating continuity and fluidity within the space.  The desire to make this new area different to the rest of the property was at the forefront of the design and the main reason for opting for the paler properties a sycamore floor offers.  Jo was stunned by the cross grain and patterns in this interesting and often overlooked timber.  Some are very subtle while others really jump out at you.  The loft is now so light and airy, accentuated by the pale tones of the sycamore.

Jo commented: ‘The whole buying experience was exceptional from point of order to delivery. Prepared for us over Christmas we received the wood two weeks prior to installation.  This allowed the wood to acclimatise in situ to the temperature of our home.  Now the project is complete we are thoroughly enjoying our new space.  The floor looks fantastic and we are delighted.  Thank you to Ben for all his help and advice.’

With beautiful straight grain and smooth, clean lines solid sycamore flooring is the palest of all our wood flooring range. It has a natural translucent appearance.   Treasured for its delicate lustred colouring and fine silky grain, the timber is hard and strong.  Creamy white in colour, when cut it offers a beautiful shimmering finish.  We are very pleased see our timber in such a stunning project. This solid wood flooring will give our clients many years of service.

Images courtesy of Jo Teasdale