Solid Mixed Width Flooring – Stunning

With fabulously high ceilings and detailed architrave this stunning property has solid elm mixed width flooring throughout the ground floor with an elm clad staircase leading to the upper landing. Our client was looking a statement floor that would suit the large rooms of this Georgian property.  Choosing a mixture of grades of elm,  50% character grade and 50% 1st quality for a floor that has a range of grain throughout the space.

Elm has a wide variety of colour tones ranging from dark purple to light green and various hues of silver and brown inbetween the grain.  Character grade exhibits a wilder grain with lovely pips, occasional knots and lots of swirling grain.  1st quality is similar but has less movement of grain and essentially contains none of the beautiful creamy sap wood of character elm.

We generally recommended mixed width floor for our clients.  It’s extremely cost effective and the most efficient way to produce a floor.  Utilising the cut of the tree the whole of the trunk is milled generating boards in a variety of widths.  From the widest in the centre to the narrowest toward the outside.  Producing very little waste it results in a very environmentally friendly product. As the boards originate from the same tree, they sit in harmony together.  The resulting floor is natural and authentic, exhibiting continuity and flow. 

We supply a range of widths of boards ranging from 120mm, 160mm, with wider boards of 220mm and 300mm.  Placement of the boards is key. Lay out prior to fitting to ensure the more beautiful boards are visible and not hidden under furniture. 

With 55 square metres of flooring to cover two large rooms the mixed width flooring opens out the space.  We provided long lengths between 2.4 – 3.00 metres to allow for continuity between the  rooms. Supplying unfinished boards allows for sanding and sealing in situ.  This ensures an even and flat surface across the floor. One of the images above shows the flooring prior to sealing.

Solid elm stair treads with the last three requiring a template and produced in our on site joinery shop. They all have a beautiful rounded nosing.   Boards with the most interesting grain is chosen for the first three steps. These feature predominantly creating a fabulous first impression in the hall way. Again the grain on these treads really stands out particularly against the cream wood and brick interior.

The owner whole project has turned out and in his words ‘the timber is just beautiful’ . It is so great receive images and positive feedback from our clients.