Bespoke Elm Kitchen & Engineered Flooring

Sutton Timber sourced fabulous Elm logs which were milled and kiln dried to allow this bespoke kitchen in Suffolk to be created. The clients were looking for something in-keeping with their country home but wanted to add a contemporary look to the room which was to be the hub of the house.

54mm thick Elm boards were carefully chosen for the worktops. Particular attention was paid to the selection of the boards so that they were shown off to their best advantage, exposing the ripples and movement in the grain where ever possible. The curved features of the worktops allows the room to flow seamlessly around the central island. Matching the stainless steel appliances, the cup handles contrast beautifully with the darker wood. The overall effect creates a fabulously stylish kitchen.

Elm varies enormously in colour from pale straw to a deep rich brown, offering amazing contrasts and bringing furniture to life. Some trees grow straight grained and clean, but many feature swirling grain, ripples and cats paws. A traditional hardwood, it is becoming more and more scarce, after the ravages of dutch elm disease. The wood is hard and durable and ideally suited to withstand the wear and tear of everyday use.

To marry everything together the clients chose engineered elm flooring for the breakfast room. To make engineered flooring we take a solid board of 27mm and cut three sheets of 5.5mm veneer from it. Each veneer is glued to best quality 12mm or 15mm exterior birch ply to produce a floorboard that looks identical to solid but has had any tension removed therefore providing stability and reliability especially over underfloor heating.