Solid Versus Engineered Flooring – Infographic

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Solid versus engineered flooring – our infographic explains all. Once installed it can be difficult to tell the difference between a solid or an engineered floor. Both made from real hardwood, but they are very different.  Choosing between engineered or solid flooring not only depends upon personal preference but also where and how you want the flooring to be fitted.  But how to decide which is best?  It helps to know their differences and which best suits your home or office space.  In this guide we hope to offer some advice and information to help you make an informed decision.

This infographic lays out the differences between solid and engineered flooring. But more importantly where one may be more preferential to the other.

infographic explaining differences solid and engineered wood


All in all, solid and engineered floors are both excellent choices. A solid wood floor is extremely durable and will last for decades and may be sanded many times if needed. It can be more vulnerable to temperature changes so not suitable for areas of underfloor heating

Whereas, engineered flooring has all the benefits of solid wood flooring, it is also very durable and the correct choice for underfloor heating. Ensure you by a product with good wear layer for endurance and to allow for future sanding if required. However, if you look after your engineered wood floor well and follow maintenance advice, then you shouldn’t need to sand it down too often.

The choice is yours and you should make the decision based on what is right for you and your requirements. Both are long-lasting flooring solutions that will add beauty and charm to any room. Why not order a sample of each so you can see the board construction and compare the two if you’re still unsure about which is right for you.

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