Solid Oak Gun Carriages at Gun Hill Southwold

Commissioned by Southwold Town Council Harbour Marine Services restore two gun carriages located at Gun Hill an iconic part of Southwold town. Sutton Timber are delighted to supply solid green oak for the restoration of the infamous gun carriages.

Solid oak gun carriages and cannons on top of Gun Hill Southwold

The infamous cannons sit on Southwold Green overlooking the sea. Each gun weighs an impressive eighteen pounds.  Commemorating the Battle of Sole bay fought in 1672. A battle between the English and French fleets on one side and the Dutch on the other.  The battle was bloody and many men lost their lives.

Last fired in 1842, to celebrate the birthday of the Prince of Wales, with tragic results: Soldier James Martin looked down the muzzle of one after a misfire and the delayed explosion blew his head off!

Children and adults alike love to sit on the cannons. Removed sometime ago due to safety concerns two of the cannons required removing. The oak was deteriorating and needed replaceing.

The guns languished outside the residence of Harbour Marine for sometime whilst Southwold Town Council secured funding. Indeed HMS commented: ‘They have been quite a landmark at HMS. They are extremely heavy, so we have tried to limit the number of times we have moved them. But move they must and recently returned to their rightful place on Gun Hill for future generations to enjoy.’

The oak for the new solid oak gun carriages currently does look very new. However, overtime they should not contrast too greatly with the older ones, as the colour of the oak oak weathers to a silvery grey.

Ben Sutton commented ‘It is a pleasure to supply local companies with solid green oak for important historical projects. All credit to John Buckley and his team at HMS for making such a superb job of them. I’m sure you will miss them!!!’

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