Bespoke Solid Oak Doors For The Home

bespoke solid oak door close up of grain with black ironmongery
Hand made solid oak doors beautifully compliment any home whether contemporary or period. I’m not talking about doors that are mass produced in a factory but hand made to a clients bespoke specification.  We cater for the idiosyncrasies of older properties as well as contrasting with modern materials in high spec new build houses and barn conversions.

When it comes to choosing interior doors for your home or business, there many choices available – solid materials, hardwood veneers, or hollow flush laminates; UPVC, oak, or MDF; – And yet, the most popular kind of door, particularly in the home, but also creeping into the workplace, is oak. So, just why are internal oak doors so popular and are they worth the cost? Listed below are a few reasons to opt for solid oak doors:-

No matter how good your internal oak doors look, it means nothing if they’re not going to stand the test of time. Cheap laminate and veneer doors can often imitate have the look of a solid wood door, but they have that price tag for a reason. The strength and durability of a quality oak door more than makes up for the couple of pounds you might save going for a less robust alternative. Internal oak doors are built to last and should be considered an investment as a result.

Oak offers sound insulation, making your home more energy efficient. Being a dense material keeps the heat in during the winter and allows heat to dissipate during the summer. A sturdy, high-quality interior door that, with care, will last you a lifetime.

Whether treated or untreated, oak looks good. In its natural state, it comes in a number of colours, meaning you can choose a shade that matches your house and the rest of the furnishings in any given room. Internal oak doors complement everything from chairs and tables, to desks and bookshelves. The use of any wood, but especially oak, in household furnishings gives a feeling of warmth and nature to a home, making any house appear more welcoming.

Caring For And How To Treat Oak Doors
Whether treated or untreated, oak looks good in its natural state. Internal oak doors complement everything from chairs and tables, to desks and bookshelves. The use of any wood in household furnishings gives a feeling of warmth and nature to a home.

Oak for our ledge and braced doors is carefully selected by our team of experienced craftsmen. We choose only the very best English or European Oak in either character, prime grade to reflect the tastes of the client and to best suit their property.

Internal Solid Oak Door Style
We specialise in wide boards only using three or four planks in each door. We then add three horizontal braces and optional diagonal braces. An alternative hardwood for interior doors is elm, which like the character oak is most popular in barn conversions, cottages and farmhouses. It is spectacularly beautiful with a swirling grain, cats paws and flashes of green and purple. Prime grades of oak and elm are equally suited to town houses and new build properties alike. To see examples of our work, check out our products page solid hardwood timber doors
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