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British Hardwoods For Your Kitchen

We often get asked is wood flooring suitable for a kitchen space.  Being a natural product wood expands and contracts as moisture as temperature levels fluctuate.  While in small amounts this isn’t a problem but where heat, steam and spills are commonplace it may present a few problems.  This is why we don’t recommend solid wood flooring in areas such as kitchens.

Engineered flooring however, is a great alternative, it retains the look of a solid wood floor but with absolute stability. When fitted, an engineered floor allows for a 10-15mm expansion gap at the edge of the room.  This permits the floor to cope with changes of temperature and moisture in the environment. Engineered flooring does expand, but only very slightly, contracting again once temperature levels revert to normal.   That said, any spills should be dealt with immediately,  as water sitting for periods of time on the floor will be detrimental.

Cleaning is carried out with just a damp cloth. Under no circumstances should a mop and bucket approach be employed.  If overtime the floor acquires some wear and tear the surface can easily be re-oiled or lacquered.

In an open plan space laying wood flooring throughout retains fluidity in the space.  It adds warmth, texture and style to any kitchen.  There are endless colours and tones available allowing you to easily choose a style that combines well with your kitchen units and worktops.

When thinking about the design of your kitchen consider making a feature of your chosen wood.  It maybe that you decide to match the work surfaces to the flooring.  Elm work surfaces are a very popular choice in the kitchen.  Traditionally used as bar work tops elm is very much a resilient work surface.  Again, careful oiling and sealing on installation is key and will enable the wood to stand the test of time.  However, it can be re-sanded and refinished if required.

A good quality, engineered floor can last for decades as long as it is properly maintained, wear and tear over time will only add to its charm. Choose oak for a classic, country look or for a more contemporary feel ash is a very popular choice.  Whatever timber you favour we can advise you on your choice please contact us for more information.

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  • Date 29th August 2014
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