English Brown And Tiger Oak Dining Tables

tiger oak table in board room with chairs

The brief was to ‘design something for the officers dining room at RAF Wattisham. ‘Something quite traditional but with wow factor.’  Brendan Worsley of Worsley Woodworking in Ipswich made three tables from English Brown and Tiger Oak.  Beautifully crafted each table is inlaid with rippled Maple cross banding.  In the centre of each a beautiful piece of laser cut marquetry depicting an attacking Eagle, the emblem for the station. 

Tiger Oak so named because of its very distinctive tiger stripe patterning across the board. This natural phenomenon occurs during the lifecycle of the tree. Caused by the action of the beefsteak fungus which attaches itself to the base of the tree as it grows.   This leads to a mix of white and brown colouring along the boards.

The fungus is not detrimental to the tree but causes an intriguing, random darkening of the timber. Boards from the base of the tree are consequently a full dark chocolate brown, with patterning becoming more random and stripy midway up. Boards higher up the tree are a lighter tan/biscuit colour with less patterning.  These features are clearly shown here in the stunning grain and colour formations along each of the tables.

Brendan’s ethos is ‘to make the best furniture possible that lasts and is cherished by future generations.’  His clients demand quality and something aesthetically nourishing. Woodturning at just 14 years old he was awarded two scholarships from the Association of Woodturners of Great Britain (AWGB). After which he started selling small pieces of work. This inspired Brendan to take work experience at a local joinery company which led to a five year cabinet making apprenticeship.   

At Sutton Timber we actively seek out logs with interesting grain especially for our furniture and cabinet makers. By personally purchasing the logs, overseeing the milling, kiln drying and end sale Ben Sutton is able to be completely confident in the quality of his product.  Great care is taken when selecting the timber we supply our customers.   This ensures they receive the exactly what they need to create the fabulous bespoke pieces of furniture such as Brendan’s.

Ben Sutton commented: ‘It is great to see the end result of a piece of work.  These tables are no exception.  They are sure to offer great service to the Officers and their guests for many years to come.

Author photo for Ben Sutton

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Ben Sutton has established himself as independent hardwood timber merchant and supplier with a solid reputation built up over the last 20 years. He is committed to providing a bespoke and professional service to his clients at all times, whilst maintaining the highest quality product. Follow Ben on LinkedIn.