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oak semi circular bar top with bar stools using aviation parts

British hardwood timber is a very versatile material and as such we supply timber for many varied projects. It’s not just about construction, flooring and the like.  DappR Aviation is just one our varied and interesting clients and based locally in Suffolk too. David Palmer founded the business in 2014 after being offered a commercial aircraft to recycle. David called on his daughter Emily, who was studying furniture design at university at the time, to help with designs.

At the end of an aircraft’s working life it is “harvested” for valuable parts.   After rigorous testing, certification and refurbishment it can be reused as spares for other planes. The residual air frame, and parts that cannot be re-used or are redundant “whilst beautifully engineered” are destined for the scrap yard. Thats where DappR step in.

DappR Aviactions team of craftsmen take beautiful engineered aircraft and helicopter parts, combine them with local, sustainably sourced, British hardwood timber and create distinctive handcrafted furniture, art, sculptures and garden buildings.

This beautiful Vulcan Bar is made from an original decommissioned rear jet pipe exhaust cap from a Vulcan Aircraft. The bar top is built with a mixture of oak and elm in a ray pattern. The bar top follows the shape of the exhaust cap giving enough space to sit four people comfortably.

The Avro Vulcan, a remarkable piece of British engineering, was the first successful large delta wing aircraft and led directly to the development of Concorde and the Space shuttle. Powered by four Olympus jet engines, the Vulcan was Britain’s high altitude strategic bomber throughout the Cold War and its iconic shape is familiar to thousands XH558, “Spirit of Great Britain” was the final Vulcan to fly making it’s last flight in 2015. The Vulcan to the Sky Trust and its many thousands of supporters, keep XH558 alive, in a taxiable condition in its new home at Doncaster so she can honour the aerospace engineers and aviators of the past and inspire those of the future.

However,  it’s not only large pieces.  All manner of beautiful items are crafted from sculpture to homeware, furniture and beautiful clocks.

Their easily accessible Suffolk workshop, has a large showroom where you can see the latest creations being built. With a constantly changing selection of aircraft and helicopter parts waiting for up-cycling. Wings, turbine blades, engine cowlings, propellers, even ejector seats both from modern and vintage aircraft to name but a few.

It is great to see our timber employed in such a creative businesses.   By supplying timber to create such beautiful pieces, we play a small but essential part in the up-cycling process.

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Ben Sutton has established himself as independent hardwood timber merchant and supplier with a solid reputation built up over the last 20 years. He is committed to providing a bespoke and professional service to his clients at all times, whilst maintaining the highest quality product. Follow Ben on LinkedIn.