Ash Hardwood Flooring

Ash Hardwood Flooring

Ash is a popular flooring wood. Particularly upstairs in a house. Its colour is generally white, or at least light in colour. It is a superb wood for using in a dark room or bedroom where the aim is to bring a light, clean feel to the room.

Ash trees yield boards in two colours, “white” or “coloured”. The colour depends on the age of the tree and the type of ground in which the tree grew. Large ash trees are very often coloured (a light brown, biscuit colour). These trees tend to yield a wider board.

Younger, smaller ash, produce a narrower board, around 150mm to 200mm which tend to be white and have a lovely open grain.

English Ash Flooring

Image courtesy of Derrick Ibbott.

English Ash Flooring Solid Ash Flooring
English Ash Timber

English Ash Hardwood Flooring Prices

Its colour is from white to biscuit with a strong grain.


We specialise in wide-board floors and can tailor to your own specific requirements. We can also cater for underfloor heating by kilning to 6%.

Board Width Thickness Board Length Price from m2 *
130mm - 350mm 20mm 2.4m - 3m £42.00 + Vat
*Prices subject to volume, please call for a quote