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Sutton Timber Wood has been behind many large building projects over the last 25 years...
Architects Timber
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Image courtesy of Bryn Hurren.

Architects & Builders

Over the last twenty five years we have supplied wood to companies and sawmills for many large scale building projects including York Minster, the Globe Theatre, Windsor Castle, Houses of Parliament and the Royal Festival Hall. It is interesting and enjoyable for us to be involved behind the scenes in the restoration of these sites.

Architects Hardwood Timber Builders Hardwood Timber

Because we buy our own oak logs for sawmilling and we do not sell on the veneer element but retain it in our first quality stock; our thick section timber is superb and much of it is rightly used in major architectural projects within Great Britain.

We have been fortunate to work on some exciting projects, which have pushed us to think outside the box. For example the yew tree roof and pillars we fitted over a client’s swimming pool and the fantastic window arches and crooks installed in a new barn.