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Cladding – Olive ash – Shooting Lodge Scotland

Internal wood cladding has enjoyed somewhat of a revival in recent years and has been used on home interiors for centuries. Fitted either vertically or horizontally styles of cladding include square edged or tongue and groove. Sutton Timber were approached by a client to supply olive ash cladding to furnish a shooting lodge in Scotland.

Installed by a professional always looks good and fits perfectly, but DIY is a viable option. Square edged boards are nailed directly onto battens. For tongue and groove cladding secret nailing is an option. Nailed through the ‘tongue’ part of each board the nails are concealed.

Cladding brings natural warmth, texture and character to the room – a modern look but with a rustic feel. In addition the contrast of the olive ash cladding with stone floor works well. With so many different options for spacing, placement and installation style, it is easy to create your own unique look.

Ben Sutton commented ‘Using natural wood cladding for interiors not only creates dimension for the room but brings out the beauty of the grain in every board. It is fabulous to see cladding used here in such a contemporary way’.

  • Client shooting Lodge in Scotland
  • Date 21st June 2017
  • Tags Cladding

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